Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly Letter: September 5-11, 2011

para todos uds:

Well, this is kind of a weird situation. Today is the independence day for Mexico, so we had our preparation day changed to today instead of Monday. Unfortunately, I don´t remember everything that happened last week, but lets take a ride! I guess if I don´t get everything about this week, I'm still going to be able to tell you guys on Monday which is a normal preparation day so I guess it's cool.

So last week, we worked on finding, finding, and more finding. And inviting everyone to the chapel and the ward activity. First of all, we did pretty well, working with the area book, we were able to find some decent new investigators, and were finally able to contact a family that had told us that we could talk to them, but we had never been able to find them at a good time. The first lesson we had with them was a great lesson, they understood why prophets were important and how it would help their family. I think they might have marriage problems, but are sticking together for the kids. However, the next appointment fell through, but the mom said she would go to the church activity, but then got sick before. Then, we tried to contact her on Sunday, but we weren´t able to find her. To make a short story longer, we have been trying to find her, but right now work is really taking away all the time she has.

The other family seemed pretty cool too, they were old investigators, that the elders had left because they wouldn´t progress. However, it´s been a year, and we were hoping to get them to progress this time, but it appears to be the same old. So to make a long story short, our news last week haven´t shaped up too well. However, everything was awesome when Danae was finally able to be baptized. It was awesome because Eduardo, her husband was able to baptize her. I think this is the first time that I´ve seen someone that I had personally baptized baptize someone else. (You remember about the really big guy, right? Well, now he has the priesthood.) So it was a really neat experience.

This week, we were'{t sure who we were going to baptize. There were several investigators in the activity, and they all had a good time there. We thought of Josefina for this week, but due to complications in the schedules, we were not able to see each other until just today. She still hasn´t prayed, but I think we´re on the verge of something with her. She looks more and more open every time we see her.

Well, time is up. I was so busy trying to organize my thoughts in my head, of what happened this week, and what happened last week, that I ran out of time. I'll write in a few days though, about everything else that happened. Thanks for your prayers. please pray for us.


Elder Blackham

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