Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly Letter: August 29-September 4, 2011

para todos uds:

The Lord knows us. Time and time again I become convinced of that more and more. I will be honest with you guys. Several missionaries, like they tend to do, have said several things about Elder Price....that he`s hard to get along with and all that. The advantage I have is that I just got done with two changes with a missionary that was so opposite from me that I spent much of the time looking inward as to how to best get along with him so the spirit can be with us.

I cannot say that I learned to be humble, but I at least learned to recognize when I´m being prideful which is the first challenge. So in this change I was expecting things to be a little bit harder than they have been. That isn`t to say that things have just been sunny and blue. We had a pretty hard week to tell the truth. Lessons and new investigators simply didn`t come. We had the lowest amount of both this week, than we have had in several weeks. However, we`re going to have to work some serious changes in the way we work here, because something isn`t working.

I think it has to do with contacts. In my interview with the President a few weeks ago, he mentioned that he was very impressed with my contacts....he said, "126 contacts, that`s pretty good, taking in account the weekly goal is 140." I was pretty astounded, and looked at the paper to see where they had made a typo, because I didn`t remember doing so many contacts! Then I realized what he was saying. The 126 contacts were not a total for one week, but the 8 weeks in which I had been in Tlalli. I was kind of embarrassed...and we`ve been working harder on doing it. But sometimes I just feel like I´m way too stressed out about getting on time to all of the appointments that I don`t realize that I´m passing a whole bunch of people that could be interested in our message.

However, we have been able to have some success in baptism. Jorge, the son of Lluvia, was able to get baptized yesterday, and it was really great, because I think it served as a way to animate his mother and his step-father to get married so that Lluvia can also get baptized.

Danae, the wife of Eduardo is pretty excited. She had a wonderful experience in the church the week of her husband`s confirmation (last week), and she set herself to be baptized next Sunday. Eduardo got the priesthood yesterday, so he´ll be able to baptize her.........SWEET! That family, and the Guadarrama Family has gotten the ward completely excited about the work here. The bishop is particularly pleased. I can honestly say that I have never been in such a helping ward as far as missionary work goes. I know that we can attribute the success that we´ve had primarily to the same. In three and half months we´ve had more than 20 baptisms....and the majority have stayed active and are really excited about the church. The Guadarrama family is giving us a few references, also the family Judith and Eduardo are trying to get their family to investigate the church.

However, we have had problems being able to find and keep new investigators. The President has told us to do a filter the first contact or visit that we make with a person. If we don´t see them as golden, he has told us not to focus on making them that way. "Find the chosen," he has said. That echos really strongly when we realize that the President of Area of Mexico has said that this country is ready to baptize every week. So we got to baptize every week, but with pure golden investigators....what a great time to be a missionary in Mexico!

Well, time is short. I wish I could tell more about how it went this week, but I´ll have to wait til next week. Thanks for the prayers and support, please keep us in your prayers!


Elder Blackham

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