Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly Letter: September 12-18, 2011

Sorry, that I was not able to write you a lot last week. I´m glad you enjoyed getting my letter, and I imagine that it´s not as big as a surprise that you´ll be getting my letter today. President Villarreal started in July...or June I´m not sure, from the last year. And it being the Bicentenario, he didn´t like what he saw about some behaviors of the Elders. He asked the area authorities what he could do to avoid trouble. He decided to have an activity on the fifteenth in the night, and then P-day the sixteenth. We wrote on the fifteenth before the activity because all the cibers close on the 16th.

It didn´t turn out too effective because we still had to wash our clothes earlier in the week, so Friday was kind of like ....well, let´s get to work early day. It´s interesting how you mentioned about working through the pain, Dad, because both my companion and I had less than gratifying experiences this week as to health is concerned....everything is good now, but we really had to fight to get to work.

I had a vertigo attack on Tuesday. I didn´t write about it last week, because I didn´t have time, and I didn´t want Mom to worry too much. I´m fine, I haven´t had a complication since. I just got up Tuesday, felt a little light headed, and then in the shower things started shaking....and it wasn´t an earthquake :) I quickly washed up, and then ran to my bed, got half way dressed, and the whole room began to spin. I lay down and it began to accelerate. I screamed to my companion that he could give me a bucket, and he did so. It was only then that I was able to breathe deeply, and looking downward, things began to settle down. I had enough energy to wait for my companion to come out of the shower, call the assistants, Sister Villarreal, and then Mission Doctor. They all gave me directions to rest...and I did so. I crashed!

Then I was injected so that the symptoms wouldn´t come back....not a pleasant experience. And then they told me not to leave the whole day. With a little bit of nagging, the assistants gave me permission to leave at 6:00, contact around my apartment, and then to call them to see if I could go to an important appointment at 8:00. I left, felt fine. Went to the appointment, returned, and haven´t had problems since.....but then my companion had a cold that I caught and we were both pretty miserable this entire week.

Dilan´s family was baptized four years ago. He was six. But then they had to move because the father had health problems and everyone moved to the house of his family. They couldn´t find the church there, so they became inactive. The father died, and the mom was really bitter about it. They returned to live where they had lived before....Tlalli. Amalia...the mom was just getting the courage to go back to church, and we knocked the door.

To make a long story short, several miracles occurred so that he could be baptized that Sunday....or yesterday. It was great because that day that I felt so helpless in bed, I was praying that we could find someone. We didn´t have anyone with a date for that Sunday....but we had the faith that we could baptize every week, because that is what the Lord had inspired his leaders to say in this mission....and we were able to do so!

This week looks pretty good. We´re looking to baptize Edgar this Sunday, but the other family, the Lord will have to work some more miracles so they can be baptized as planned.

Please pray for me. I love you all so much.


Elder Blackham

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