Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Letter: June 28-July 4, 2011

Well, yeah, the last letter was very short, and I´m afraid this one won´t be much longer. But I´d better start writing about this week´s experiences.

So of the 7 miracles we were praying for this week, 6 of them were baptized this week. One was not able to go to church this week, but she already has decided to put her date for the next week. So thank so much for your prayers. They were answered.

This week of miracles all began with the interviews we had with Inés and her family on sunday night. She had forgotten her cell phone in the house, so she was worried when we took longer than we thought. Her husband was calling her the whole night to see where she was and everything, but she didn´t have the phone...and he doesn´t have a cell phone so they couldn´t call him.

We were a little worried how the husband was going to react about all that, but when we went over there on Tuesday, Inés told us that she tried to send a message to us that same night but wouldn´t send. She said that when she got there her husband was waiting for them and obviously asked where why they had taken so long. She told him that it was because all of them were getting baptized that Sunday. He answered "ALL of them?" She told him to ask her oldest son...who responded that they were ALL getting baptized.

He was a little surprised by this, and then, to the surprise of Inés, he asked "and could I get baptized with you guys?" She thought he was joking, but he said it was serious. When she told us this, we were shocked and decided to talk to him quickly before he lost the flame.

He never lost it. He was possibly one of the most golden investigators we´ve had. The second time we saw him, he understood completely what we had taught him the first time. The only problem that he has are some addictions to cigarrette and coffee....but he´s made some excellent progress this week...and made it to Church both for the worship and baptismal services! And he liked it! Wow! So that was a miracle that blew us away.

Another one was the Inés´s nephew, who lives like three doors away from their store. He´s never been interested in religion or anything, but one time Inés got to her store and her nephew was reading the Book of Mormon, and he was really enthusiastic about it...and asked her if she could ask us for another copy....and we obliged. So I think we´ve been blessed greatly in finding families that are accepting the church. The Family from Chiapas also got baptized, and the mom went to the baptismal service. Everybody in the family is starting to show more and more interest in what we have to say, so it´s pretty awesome.

The only bummer point was when we invited an inactive member to be baptized. He hadn´t told us that he was baptized, only that he had gone to church once. So we taught a great lesson with him, he looked golden, until when we invited him to be baptized he said "Umm...I´d like to, but I think I already did it." we asked for his full name and his birthdate, and then we checked that night in the system and, sure enough, he was baptized and confirmed....oops!

So yeah, I guess we´ll have to find some more people for this week. We have put 2 people with a baptismal date, but we´ll see if we can get a few well as find a bunch of new people, because if we don´t...I don´t know how things will go this change!

Oh, speaking about changes, there weren´t any between us. Elder Garcia and I are going to be in Tlalli for another 6 weeks. We were the only companionship that didn´t get changed in the Zone. So yeah, we´re pretty excited about another change here!

Well, that´s about everything. Thanks for all the support and prayers!


Elder Blackham

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