Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Letter: June 28-July 4, 2011

para todos uds:

Sorry about not being able to write a lot. I have about 10 minutes to write...and a lot of news to share.

One of our baptisms that we had lined up fell through this week because she couldn´t get off work. It was a little bit of a disappointment, but everything is okay because she has a date for next week. Her cousin did get baptized Sunday, so that was way cool. However, one of the highlights of the week was the Petra miracle.

Petra is the mom of a recent convert who really is strong in the church despite being only 12 years old. He really takes everything really seriously in the church. He already has his Deacon´s duty to God almost finished and he´s only got four months of being baptized! Petra has always wanted to be baptized, but because she wasn´t married to the father of her children, she couldn´t. However, she showed up last Sunday at church out of nowhere(we had given up on them because their appointments always fell through) We went Sunday, and they weren´t there, then Monday, and they told us that they would be better organized the next day to receive us. Being the incredulous little elder that I am, I was tempted to think that this was more of the same...falling through on us. However, we decided to give them another chance...and how grateful I am that we did because the next day she was there. She told us that her husband/boyfriend had finally moved out(he was abusive towards her and the children), and we then invited her to be baptized. She was baptized on Saturday! So that was the Petra miracle.

We also experienced a lot of miracles this change. It´s safe to say that all baptisms are miracles, because they are. So yeah, we´re a little overwhelmed because we have 7 such miracles scheduled for this week. I don´t know how this all happened, but it´s very exciting! Six of these seven are parts of families that are going to be baptized, and the other one is Rosa, who is Maria Elena´s daughter. (Maria Elena was the first baptism we had together in this area). We are seeing how the Lord is blessing the families here in Tlalli. We just hope to be able to keep having these miracles in the future. We will have to dedicate our time this week in securing these baptismal dates, and finding new investigators. We´ve still got a few that look promising, but haven´t gone to we have to find more people that will be able to progress well.

Well, I don´t have any more time left. We´ve got to go because the Zone Leaders are going to come to do interviews for the remaining three of those who have a baptismal date for this week...the rest are interviewed and good! So yeah, we´re going to be praying and fasting for these miracles this week to end the change and to keep going strong in this week. Please pray for us so that we can have these 7 baptisms this week!

Love you guys lots. Thanks for the prayers and support.


Elder Blackham

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