Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekly Letter: January 18-24, 2011

Well, another week in the mission....and changes again! First of all, I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work in Toluca in the Centro. It wasn´t easy, but we were just starting to see that the seeds we planted there were starting to grow. We found a lot of new investigators, we basically reopened Centro, we hardly even visited the former investigators until near the end of the change, but then we saw really if they wanted to hear us or not, because we had literally no time to waste. We were always anxiously engaged in a good cause....and it felt good! That is how the mission should be. I haven´t learned everything I have to to be a good missionary....if that were the case I would have already completed my two years....but I feel that I have learned a lot about how to work. The key is to get started, and then you never want to stop.

I learned a ton from Elder Lauritzen, I know he will be a good missionary. The week before I had gotten a little discouraged, and he knew exactly what to say. His Spanish is a little limited, but he is truly mastering the gift of tongues...because he can talk with the tongue of angels. He will be successful in Centro, I know he will be able to harvest all the fruits that we planted seeds for.

I guess I spoiled the changes. I left Toluca. Elder Lauritzen will have recieved Elder Gutirrez in Centro. I am now writing from Naucalpan. Basically we´re right there by the Distrito Federal, even though were technically in the State of Mexico...it is still the same Urban zone of Mexico City. My ward is called Molinito 1, and there are four elders working in this ward because it´s pretty big(well, for Mexico City.....Centro is more than ten times bigger than this...but here everything is houses, there aren´t little towns scattered around like in Toluca.), so I expect that we´ll have some work to do since my companion Elder Quiroga and I are opening what is the area Molinito 1-A, so we´ll be working hard.

Yeah, my companion is Elder Quiroga, and he is from Jalapa, Veracruz. Right now we´re staying in the house the four of us, along with Elder Nauahi(the district Leader, he´s American but his grandparents are Hawaiian), and Elder Mercado(he´s from Cuzco, Peru), but eventually they will have to look for another house because where we´re living will be part of our area when the division is officially made.

Well, I have very little time left. I´ll tell you more about Molinito in a week! Thanks for everything! Keep praying for me!


Elder Blackham

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