Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weekly Letter: December 28-January 3

para todos uds:

Well, I wish I could share happier news this week, but this week didn´t go as well as the other week. I think because people left for vacations at the end of the last week for Christmas, and then aren´t planning to come back until this week, or later. Some schools here don´t start up again until the 10th of January because of Día de los Reyes Magos on January 6th.(Three Kings Day...which is like another Christmas, but the Three Kings bring gifts instead of Santa....I don´t know what the Mexicans did to get gifts from both Santa and the Three Kings, but oh well, I´m not going to complain.)

It´s absolutely weird thinking that I will be turning twenty in two days. I cannot believe the 2010 is already done, and that I´m no longer going to be nineteen years old! ....and I just finished eleven months in the mission today...I just realized. Time should not go by this fast. I don´t even know how I´ve nearly completed a year in the mission....but I don´t like it. I look at my companion and he´s four months, and I´m like...."Yeah, I´ve got a little more than that," and then I realize that that isn´t true. It´s so weird!

I´ve actually not tried to think about my birthday lately, but it has been weird. We set up a lot of appointments for this week(because they didn´t have time this last week), and a lot of them were like "How about next Wednesday?" I tell them yes, open my planner, look at the date with the big number 5, and I´m like "Wow, that´s really weird." So yeah, but as a missionary the best gift is a day with a bunch of appointments....and that´s just what I have for this Wednesday. So I´m pretty happy.

However, I really am starting to regret telling a bunch of members my birthday when I got here. I thought I wouldn´t still be here....but here I am, and they haven´t forgotten. So everyone is trying to invite me for dinner this week, which is great for the belly, but not so much for the work. Seriously, I don´t even remember telling half of these members when was my birthday, and it seems like EVERYONE KNOWS!!

Oh well, we keep going. This week, I hope we see more fruits from our efforts this last week, because this week we didn´t get hardly any investigators in church. Only one who has gone a lot to church, but won´t get baptized because of a bad example of a member here...sigh. However, it was great seeing him in Church with all his family. His wife is an active member in the church, but his three children, two of which are baptized but don´t really want anything to do with the church (and the other one is about 6 years old sometimes goes with his mom). So it was great seeing them in church.

Anyway, we´ll see how it goes. They live in Almoloya, and we aren´t going to Almoloya until Wednesday....and I don´t know how we´re going to make time with them because we have a lot of appointments and they´re almost always in their Internet Café working. However, I´d like to encourage them to keep this up for the new year.

Well, I have basically no time left. Thanks for everything. I really feel like this is exactly where I need to be, and what I need to be doing in this moment. I feel so...complete in this work with my companion in this area. I don´t know how else to put it. But I like that word....complete. I hope that makes sense. If not, just know that I´m really really happy and enjoying what I´m doing.


Elder Blackham

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