Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Letter: January 11-17, 2011

Well, another week in the mission. I cannot believe that we have
changes (transfers) in the next week. I really hope they don´t change me. I know
that I have a lot of time here in this area, but we can achieve so
much here! Elder Lauritzen and I have been as close to perfect in
obedience as I have seen in my mission. We´ve had our personal
study-time, study time as companionship, daily and weekly planning
sessions, and EVERYTHING! Well, maybe not everything. We can always
improve. But really, we have been so diligent that I´m actually
dreaming about the mission.....I don´t think it´s revelation, because
I doubt that some of the members from Plateros are going to move here
to Centro...and I doubt we have to re-baptize some of the members that
have about 12 years in the church, and I don´t think some of the
elders that are already home from their mission are going to come back
any time soon....but who knows!

I guess this is what it means to lose yourself. I´m really starting to
understand the concept. I don´t even care what people think about me
in the street. I was often scared to contact people because I thought
that would be too forward...and I´m a little shy in personality(maybe
you guys in home are like....well yeah! I knew that!), but it´s weird
how you become somebody else when you put that badge on with your name
and the Savior´s name. It´s a total change!

This week, we could have had more fruits. I was a little disappointed
when we found out that there was no water or power in the Church
yesterday. Concepción, who was going to be baptized, took it well. She
said "Everything is a trial. Trying to see if I´m really going to do
this." she will be baptized Wednesday night. She really has such faith
that it is incredible!

This week has kind of been like that situation. With the new people we
taught, some of them weren´t there for the other appointment. Another,
their family is pressuring them...saying that its a sin to listen to
us. And the golden family....they got stranded when their car broke
down on them, and they didn´t get home until 9:30 that night, and the
car got back this morning from the shop. Our appointment Saturday
at 6:00 to invite them to church and to be baptized.....fell through,
and when we tried to call them to invite them to church Sunday
morning.....they didn´t answer because Benjamín had left his phone in
the car overnight in the shop.

But like Concepción said, these are trials to see if we are going to
do the things that we should do. If we´re going end the change like we
began: diligent, and working with the hope of finding the people
prepared to receive His message.

This is life as a missionary. I love it. And we keep on going.


Elder Blackham

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