Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekly Letter: August 8-14, 2011

para todos uds:

I´m going to have to apologize. I have like no time to write anything. We still have to eat quickly....and then go to an appointment....all of that before 7:00, when the sister closes her laundromat. The president has made new rules(or maybe they`re not so new) due to the increasing problems with the houses being left messy after we had some major cleaning to do in the morning....and that took away a lot of time....but lesson learned, we`re going to clean everyday our apartment.

Anyway, this week went better than the last...however, we aren`t having as much success as we would like. The two kids did get baptized yesterday. I think it helped a lot that they went to the visitors` center near the temple the day before. They were way excited. The mom, Margarita also wants to get baptized...but the husband isn`t sure if he wants to get married with her....and his mother definitely doesn`t want him to get married to her....sigh.

However, it looks like her third oldest kid is going to turn 8 this week and wants to get baptized too....and because she would get baptized before any of her parents we also have to take charge in organizing the interview for her...and all the stuff. I just hope that the Dad is still okay. They mentioned four or five times that they were going to get baptized that week...and he didn`t say anything. Then we found him in the street twice and talked to him about it and he didn`t say anything either. So we had his passive consent...but then I think his mother who is really Catholic is starting to get involved and that`s not good.

Well...time is up. Please pray for us so we can have more miracles!


Elder Blackham

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