Monday, February 15, 2010

weekly letter from Thomas (February 9-15, 2010)

Sorry about how I wasn't able to get my email out to everyone last week. I was in such a hurry last week to send it out that I didn't proofread anything...including the email address, where I did a serious typo. Oh well.
Things are great. My companion is great and we're really getting along. Occasionally we butt heads like any two people would if they are with each other 24/7, but we are getting along very well. I really enjoy my district as well. I cannot believe how I've been blessed to be in such a good district. The only thing that could be better is the fact that my companion is flying out to the Peruvian MTC next week and I'm really going to miss him. But we both hail from Sandy and will both be going to BYU when we get back so we shouldn't have too hard of a time in catching up.
This week literally sped by. Everybody said that after the first Sunday, things start getting better, but I had no idea how fast time flies after you get over the hump of the first four days. I can't believe how fast this week has gone, and this week shows no signs of slowing.
Spanish is....coming. I'm really nervous about our appointment tomorrow with an investigator named Noé.
Noé is a character played by an MTC teacher, and is Elder Palmer´s and my progressing investigator. So we have our first Spanish appointment with him tomorrow and I don´t feel ready at all! But we´re working hard so hopefully our tongues will be loosed.
I've seen so many people here at the MTC that I know, and I keep on running into them over and over again. I talked a lot about some of them last week, but I also ran into John Ellis and Tyler Stoker from the BYU ward and Alex Larson, Brady Davies, Parker Syndergaard and more from High school. It's so great!
Well, I'm running out of time, but first I want to share a highlight of my week. There is an Elder in my District how has the loudest, most boisterous laugh...and he uses it a lot. The thing is, whenever he gets going, it doesn't matter how funny (or not so funny) the joke is that got him started laughing, he cannot stop!
So one day in the cafeteria, Elder Jensen just finished telling a really long and unfunny joke that only he appreciated the humor of. So he just laughs and laughs for so long that my companion Elder Palmer starts laughing. So the two of them both beginning laughing to the point of tears with no end in sight and we're catching all these stares from half of the cafeteria. So I'm trying to hide and disassociate with these Elders, but I realize that I'm laughing too and I can't stop. Eventually everybody in our district on the same table is laughing hysterically, most without a clue why, and it was like a dominoe effect until half of the cafeteria was laughing, mostly because we looked like we had all gone insane.
As soon as the spell finally died out, one of the Cafeteria workers walked up to Elder Jensen and said quietly "It's good to laugh, but not during dinner." We got the hint and left the cafeteria, where we resumed our laughter for the rest of the night.
This may sound dumb, but this laughing spell was just what we needed for that time of the week.
Well, the time is short, so I'm just going to send this without proofreading (just like last week), so hopefully it makes sense. If not, just know that Elder Blackham is really enjoying himself in the work.


Elder Thomas Blackham
Mexico Mexico City West Mission.

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