Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Letter: June 7-13, 2011

para todos uds:

So, another week in the mission. I feel like this week literally flew by...and here I am again, writing about how our week went. Thinking about our week, the whole thing was like a blur. Elder García and I are getting along pretty well. Unfortunately, this week, we decided to drop some investigators that really are just taking up time and don´t progress. This is the hardest part of the mission, because it´s so much easier making plans for old investigators than to find new investigators(and we never know how many of them are going to say no and slam the door in our face)

The situation with Norma is complicated as usual. She still hasn´t prayed, and every time we pass by to ask her about it, she thinks we´re coming to ask that she return the Book of Mormon. I feel like she has received her answer, she´s just afraid of what that means. However, she hardly has time to let us in the house...because her family does say a bunch of things about us. She does want to be baptized because she wants to help her children, but when these same children she wants to help don´t want her to be baptized, it´s a little discouraging. Once again she said that she would pray the last time we saw her, and that she would call us afterward...but, of course, she hasn´t called and didn´t go to church yesterday.

However, we have two prospects for this week to be baptized. One is the daughter of Maria Elena, who got confirmed yesterday. The daughter came to church for the first time this week to see the confirmation and she liked what she saw. However, before it had been difficult to see her because she worked every day of the week except one weekday that they gave her off. However, she told us that she wants to hear all the lessons and be we are obliged to do so.

The other prospect is Judith. She was one of the people that was going to be baptized two weeks ago, but never got interviewed. However, we have an appointment for her interview tomorrow, and she really wants to be baptized. Her grown son also wants to be baptized, and her granddaughter who´s 15 years old (but her dad doesn´t even let her go to church)...and maybe her daughter(who is the mom of her granddaughter). However, because of complications with family issues, her daughter and granddaughter haven´t been able to go to church, and her son because he´s a Football Coach(yeah, and that´s American, huh?), and so he´s been having games with his team lately, so he hasn´t gone either. However, the last time we talked to Judith, we explained how this decision could affect the lives of everyone in her family...for the good. So yeah, we hope to have 2 baptisms this week, and if Norma(who already got interviewed) decides to be baptized too...they could be three. However, I think we will need more than a few miracles for that to happen.

Well, time is short. I feel like this hour really flew by, but oh well. We´ve got to go to the Zone activity at 11:00 and it´s already 11:00...but it´s cool. Thanks for your prayers and support.


Elder Blackham

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