Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Letter: March 22-28, 2011

para todos uds:

Well, this week went a little bit better. We actually experienced a miracle this week, not one that we were expecting, but it was a miracle nonetheless. First of all, this week, we as a Zone made a goal to baptize 20 this week. We all arranged for the baptismal service to be the same day at the same time, and invited the president to speak at it. We had the goal of baptizing one person, because nobody else had gone to church before, except a friend of a recent convert that went to the baptism and confirmation of her friend, but didn´t go after that. When we talked about the baptism with this recent convert, she was also there and commented about how she, too had been baptized recently in a Protestant church.

We set another appointment with her in this occasion to explain the Restoration, but she couldn´t come because she had to stay late at her work which was really far away. For the last few weeks, we haven´t been able to talk with her, because she´s always had to be in another place whenever we talked to her friend Amalia. I was thinking that she wasn´t really interested until this Tuesday when we talked with Amalia when she fed us in her house. The other baptism that we had talked about having had already fallen through, so we were a little discouraged. That all changed when Amalia told us that Socorro(her friend) had asked her if she could be baptized again, but in our church...or if not at least be confirmed in our church(because she had never been confirmed in the other church). Well....we weren´t about to say no.

We set another appointment with her, but again she couldn´t come. But over the phone we told her that she could get baptized again....and that she could do so this week. She accepted (I think this is the first and only time I´ve committed someone to get baptized over the phone). We weren´t able to talk with her again until Sunday. We quickly explained the Restoration, and how the power to baptize was restored through Joseph Smith. She accepted it, was interviewed that same day, and was baptized that same day. It was really powerful because the President also commented upon his own conversion. It was powerful experience, and she really enjoyed it.

I´m so grateful for miracles. I know they exist because I keep seeing them day after day. I will always know that the Lord blesses us in our goals of righteousness, if we do all our part.

I wish I had more time. I think the next week I will have to talk about the other powerful spiritual experience we had this week, and about the experience Amalia had in Temple Square on Saturday. But I think it´s enough to say that we certainly are being helped by angels here in Mexico!

Keep praying for us out here! We want to keep seeing these miracles!


Elder Blackham

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