Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekly Letter: October 26-November 1, 2010

I will have to apologize for the rush I have today. Today is a holiday in Mexico and we couldn´t find an Internet Café open. And we have to go to Metepec at 12:30 to get on board a bus that´s going to take the Toluca and Metepec zones to DF for the changes. So I´m going to write quickly, sorry.

This week, was the last week of the change, and I feel that we worked hard this week. Some times the missionaries don´t quite understand that the phrase "endure to the end" also applies in Missionary work. But this week was not the case for us, I think. Sure, we could have done better in our time, but we were always doing something, and I feel the work progressed this week, which is always a good feeling.

We also had some fruits this week. We thought about dropping one of our investigators because basically asked questions every appointment without any desire to accept the answers we gave him. I think he may have been looking for a way to see that our church isn´t in harmony with the Bible. So we were about to drop him, because he wasn´t completing his commitments either...when he showed up to church this Sunday. I don´t know what he thought because he had to go after sacrament meeting, but it was more than a little surprising to see him fulfill his commitment, we´ll see if he keeps it up this week.

However, the greatest fruit this week was in the baptismal font on Saturday. On Saturday, Carlos was baptized. He had already said that he would get baptized later on, but my companion was inspired in our appointment this week to extend the commitment, and he accepted! Being in the font with him was a special experience, because, before, I thought he only wanted us to be there because we were cool friends that he wanted around. He actually told us once that he wouldn´t be baptized, he just wanted to listen. However, the Lord made a change in him, and he now wants to prepare to enter the temple with his wife and two kids (who are already members).

Truly the change of heart is the greatest miracle in the lives of the people. Think of it, Laman and Lemuel saw angels and their younger brother shocked them miraculously.....but their hearts did not change. We as missionaries truly have the chance to see this miracle day after day, with investigators, with companions, with ourselves...and it still doesn´t stop amazing me the miracles that the Lord works in the lives of His children.

We also, with the changes, Elder Chavez is going to El Oro, which is still part of the same Zone (toluca) but it´s really really really far away, so who knows how much we´ll see each other. Meanwhile, I will receive Elder Mendoza here in Centro. I don´t know him, but I feel like this area is ready to have success, and I hope it continues.

Thank you all for your help and support. I know that many of you are praying for me. Please keep doing so, I need that help!


Elder Blackham

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