Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly Letter: October 5-11, 2010

Okay, another week. I can honestly tell you guys that I have no idea where this other week went. I feel like someone hit me in the head, took a lot of my money and here I am on Monday.

No, but really, this is really weird, we´re already half way through the cambio, and I have no clue how that has happened. I feel like I´m just getting to know the ward, the area, and my companion, but wow, three week already!

So we had a week of a lot of fallen appointments this week. Basically, we´re supposed to at least two plans for every hour of every day, in case something falls. I felt every night that the three plans we had would surely be enough....and guess what? They weren´t! We actually ended up knocking doors, which is basically the first time I´ve knocked doors since we opened Plateros 5 months ago, I´m a little rusty.

So yeah, our week could have gone better, especially when no one came to church this Sunday that we had been teaching. However, somehow, we managed to find to new investigators who came to Church this week. One is the girlfriend of an inactive member who lives in Almoloya, and the other is a friend of the wife of the ward mission leader(wow that´s a mouthful). They found each other in the street when the sister was literally on her way to church, the friend said that she had had a hard time, and the sister invited her to church. We were going to teach her today (on our P-day), but the appointment fell (again), but at least we have a way to keep in touch with her, and she did seem to enjoy the spirit in the chapel.

We´re really working hard with this young couple we have in teaching. They are family of a brother in the ward that have moved in while the husband looks for a job. He found a job in the meantime in a Walmart more or less close to where they live. We actually watched Testaments with them this week, and they both loved it, then we extended a baptismal invitation. He said yes right away (he´s seen the difference that it´s made in the life of his Uncle, the member). She hesitated for a moment and said that she would like to learn more, but that she wanted to get baptized too.

Anyway, I hope that the get their answers to their prayers. When we leave to work at 6:00pm today, we´re going to Almoloya to see them. We´ve been praying for them, because we know that they can get baptized this change, it´s only a matter of keeping contact with them.

Well, this letter was pretty short, but I have very little time now. But thank you all for your prayers and support!


Elder Blackham

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