Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekly Letter: March 30-April 5

Para todos ustedes:

Wow! I thought I would never say this but General Conference in the MTC was definitely one of the coolest things that I've ever experienced! How blessed are we to have a living prophet to guide us in all we need to know! Truly the Lord knows everything that we need and reveals His will through the prophets. I have never experienced such a personal and powerful conference before in my life. Every talk seemed to apply to me in some way or the other. Whenever I was tempted to not take careful note of what people were saying (because they were talking about something I thought didn't apply to me) something would suddenly pop into my head, sometimes not even from what they said during the entire talk, but something that helped me apply what they were saying to my life.

There are few things as awe-inspiring as having an entire assembly of missionaries stand up in unison and watch in respectful silence as the prophet enters the Conference- Center on the screen. I think the only place more spiritually impressive would have probably been the Conference Center itself, but even then I'm not so sure. As missionaries, we are told that we are the arms and hands of the apostles in carrying out the ministry to the entire world, so to an extent, when we see the prophet, the chief servant of God, walk in, we stand in solemn respect for our fellow servant. It makes my heart exclaim at the thought that I am in engaged in the work of apostles, prophets, and angels. Truly, the calling of a missionary is great!

Now, I have been delayed for a little while before I can head out to Mexico. But, whenever I'm tempted to be discouraged our disappointed, I try to remember that God is in all the details. I'm not sure how much another week in the MTC will help me help the people in Mexico, but God does know the end from the beginning, and all I can do is put my trust in Him and His plan. That being said, I'm trying my best to make the best of my situation. I'm really looking forward to this week of instruction. My teachers said that they're going to teach us some of the last thoughts they have that can help us in our missions. Who can complain about such an opportunity?

As always, the uncertainty is the most concerning thing about it all, but it's much more bearable. I'm much more at peace. I'm just trying to slowly prepare for the day that I get called to go and fly out to Mexico. I'm not as distracted and anxious as I was even last week....I'm still anxious and I want to go out in the field as soon as I can, but I'm much more at peace with the idea that I could be here for another week or two....but hopefully not more than that.

I thank you all for your letters and your support. They really do help so much. I'd ask for more, but I'm afraid that I may not get any letters that would be sent to the MTC in the next few days. I'm just thankful for all your support for me in the past and will trust that you will continue to keep me in your prayers as I engage in this work. The power of prayers is real. I know that, I've seen it just in my experiences here in the MTC. The fact that I'm at peace with being in the MTC right now is a no small miracle, and I know that the power of prayer had great and significant impact on that.

I love you all, and keep you in my prayers. Thank you again for all you do!

Con Amor,

Elder Thomas Blackham

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