Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly Letter: March 16-22

para todos ustedes:

Another week! Man, time just keeps on going! Time is such a weird thing here at the MTC, It's kind of weird that life keeps on going outside of the MTC. We are so isolated from everything here, we have no idea what's going on in the world. We didn't know about the earthquakes in Chile and other areas in the world until a teacher mentioned it in passing....BIG MISTAKE!! As soon as they said that, every single one of the missionaries within earshot began pelting him with questions about everything that's going on over there. Also, it was weird to think that yesterday was the first day of spring....I didn't believe it until we went on our temple walk. It was so hot! I'm so glad I'm gonna be able to go without a suitcoat in Mexico, I think I would probably die!

For some reason or another, my email didn't send through last week, but Elder Bradshaw left for Maryland a week ago as a temporary reassignment until he gets the paperwork done for his Argentine visa. After he left, my District leader (and one of my former companions) jokingly put forth the idea of maybe assigning me with yet another trio of missionaries, so as to make the number of companions I've had in the MTC even bigger. But I went back to Elder Jensen and Davis, so I'm still at 6, but I am absolutely okay with that. I really enjoy my companions, they're way cool, and way funny.

The other day, Elder Jensen was just walking into the shower before I pointed out that he had his scriptures in his hand. He didn't even realize it. I later suggested maybe he could take it to the MTC copy center to get every page laminated....that way he could study in the shower as much as he wanted.

Spanish is coming. We've almost learned all the tenses, so, in theory, I should be able to say whatever I want...but that's in theory only. I also realize that I'm having a hard time understanding Spanish when it's spoken to me, especially by native speakers. Yesterday, I was walking back from watching the Joseph Smith movie and I saw a group of Mexican elders that I had met my first day here. They had jokingly agreed to teach us Spanish if we taught them English the last time we saw them, but that was a good four weeks ago.

Arrogant as I was about having learned so much in these last few weeks, I tried talking to him in Spanish. After we got the "Hola, Como esta"s out of the way....I was in trouble. I had to apologize and say that I didn't understand what he said(in Spanish, which, gratefully, he understood). Then we had a bilingual chat between each other, and I left him saying in the best Spanish I could muster that his English was so much better than my Spanish. He thanked me but denied it...I thought about jokingly accusing him as a liar, but I didn't know if he would misunderstand my intent and take I just said goodbye, and thought upon how much trouble I'm going to be in when I'm in Mexico and can't fall back on English.

Anyway...time is short, but that's pretty much my week so far. MTC is great, I want to head out in the field, but I'm scared at the same time. Time seems to drag on throughout the day...but the weeks fly by faster than should be natural. Just know that I'm enjoying my mission so far and working my hardest....hoping that it will be enough to help the people in Mexico.

Con Amor,
Elder Thomas Blackham

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